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Women Can

Editorial design and riso printing

Brief: Reimage Design Can's manifesto for a new audience.

Insights: There is a particular sentence that stood out to me 'Design CAN: be an industry for people of all backgrounds, abilities, ages and identities. Design CAN: represent us all.' The design industry is striving

towards a more equal and balanced place, and yet there are statistics that suggest otherwise. 

- Female designers take home just 73.1% of what their male counterparts are earning.

- It’s 2020, and yet: women hold just 11% of leadership positions in the design field.

To make the same amount that white men earn in one year (365 days), Asian women need to work 407 days, white women need to work 465 days, Black women need to work 591 days, and Latina women need to work

672 days.

Solution: Women Can. A re-made manifesto with a focus on the inequality of women in the design industry. The whole editorial is split into two - showing the harmony of empowering women, next to info-graphics of inequality from the design world. Using the metaphor of the semi-colon seen within Design Cans manifesto

- when a semicolon is used to join two or more ideas in a sentence, those ideas are then given equal position or rank. This idea is to show that equality has not yet been achieved, the statistics do not match the promises. This manifesto is designed to encourage you to think - we have a sea of talented women and yet the statistics have not changed.

The semicolon has two dots, the gradients appear in twos, there are two columns, the stitching of the book is done in sets of twos, and the names of the women are on two lines.



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