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*One Size Fits Small

Social campaign and editorial

Brief: Find a wicked problem and tackle a strand of it. Wicked problem: The fashion industry’s beauty standards.

Strand: ‘One size fits all’ is clothing that claims to be inclusive of all bodies and all shapes, but in fact, it is the opposite and only fits a ‘desired’ size. ‘One size fits all’ sends a message that if you don’t fit into the clothing, whether it’s too big or too small, you’re not 'normal'. This leads to all sorts of body dissatisfaction.

Solution: ‘One Size Fits SMALL’ is a social campaign that raises awareness, and calls fashion brands out who only stock one size. We set up an appeal to all women to come forward. We asked them to take photos of themselves not fitting into ‘one size’ clothing items. Furthermore, the asterisk (*) is used throughout the campaign and promotional material to highlight the nitty-gritty details brands do not want discovering.

Screen Shot 2021-06-24 at 19.12.20.png

The editorial is a collection of photographs from the women who kick-started this campaign. They have all tried on the same outfit, which was labeled 'one size'. The copy-writing has been taken from a particular fashion brand - Brandy Melville, to further illustrate the industry’s hypocritical problem. A spokesperson from the fashion brand once said "We can satisfy almost everybody, but not everybody... The one-size-fits-most clothing might turn off somebody if they don’t walk into the store, but if you walk in you’ll find something even if it’s a bag."

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