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Connect to Nature's Roots

Packaging design and editorial

Brief: Create a typographic piece that provides an indirect experience and celebrates our human connection with nature. This is known as Biophilia.

Insight: ‘When I surround myself with trees, my breathing becomes deeper, my senses are satiated. I feel peaceful and grounded.’ The Japanese have a word for this feeling — shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing.

Solution: Roots is a beauty care product range. The goodness within the ingredients has been taken directly from the roots of trees. The idea of going underground to the roots is also a metaphor for going underground within yourself and tapping into your own senses - physically and mentally. Going inside oneself to reflect and reconnect your own self to you, and nature. To launch the product range a promotional editorial was published and hand-bound - exploring the themes of ‘underground’ and ‘shinrin-yoku’.

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